Best Mouse Bait 2019 – Top Picks & Buying Guide

best mouse bait

What is the best mouse bait? If you’re shopping around for a bait station, you have bumped into the right buying guide that outlines the top five picks that have proven to be some of the most valuable bait stations available on the market now.

Using these reviews, you’ll be able to compare your options on which bait works based on your preference, situation, severity of the problem and type of rat infestation.

In the following sections, you’ll also be able to learn about the factors to check when comparing your options.  If you’re ready, let’s begin and highlight the best five baits to consider now.

What is the best Mouse Bait?

Mouse poison



Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

Quality and effective, the bait chunks are the go-to mouse bait versus annoying rats and mice and can kill Norway rats, too

Editor's Choice

JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block Apple Flavor

JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block Apple Flavor

The effective rodenticide is affordable, it is economical, and it is easy to use, too. It is also with an apple flavor and has a big size of 144 per pail.


D-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station

D-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station

The D-Con is weather resistant and versatile to work against most types of mice and rats. It is easy to set up and corner fit and is tamper proof for the safety of children and pets.


MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait pellet

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait pellet

The easy to use mouse poison pellets are effective to kill different types of mice and rats. They’re with food-grade enhancers and are convenient to set up in stations.

Tomcat Mouse Killer

Tomcat Mouse Killer

The Tomcat mouse killer is a top choice for bait stations and can kill up to 12 mice. It can offer the highest level of security even if you have pets or kids at home.

Top 5 Best Mouse Bait Reviews

  1. Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

Editor's Choice

The Farnam bait chunks are effective in killing most types of mouse and rats.    If you’re looking to get rid of the mouse issue in your home, you should try this one, which is a top rater on the market. 

It can kill roof rats, mice and Norway rays, so it is valuable and versatile. You can use it for eradicating the pests, which might spread germs, infections and bacteria in your home and cause sickness to your loved ones.

Just One Bite II is a value for the money, too, because it is available in a bulk size of eight pounds box. It is longer lasting for more applications. With it, you can get better value for your money.

This item is a strong formulation that can be used around agricultural buildings. It can promote chewing because of the nibble ridges. In addition, this product is with a center mounting hole that is used in a bait station.

Thing We Like and Dislike


  • Kills most rats and house mice
  • Strong and effective
  • Includes a center mounting hole
  • Bulk size box
  • Promotes chewing for nibble ridges


  • Only for agricultural buildings

  2. JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block Apple Flavor

JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block Apple Flavor


If you’re looking for an effective rodenticide, you might want to take a look at the JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block. This product is with an apple flavor, which is attractive for mouse and rats.

This product is anticoagulant bait that has the active ingredient of 0.005% of Diphacinone that can kill even smaller rodents and rats. It is a safer alternative than fast-acting mouse baits. 

Every pail is with 144 packs of an ounce rodenticide is a tamper-proof pail. I would also like to note that the mouse bait is with a one-year limited warranty. 

Nevertheless, the rat bait is one of the most chosen among those that want to get more of their spending because it is also affordable. Check it out for yourself.

Thing We Like and Dislike


  • Attractive apple flavor
  • Affordable and economical
  • Kills most rats and mice
  • Big size of 144 per pail


  • Might not be most effective against some rats

  3. D-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station

D-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station


The D-CON Rodenticide is an effective bait station that can help you eliminate a mouse infestation problem. D-Con is a trusted brand committed to offer customers with the rat killers they need to eradicate their mice problem.

In addition, this item is with refills and a refillable bait station, too, making it a complete and ready-to-use item. 

The D-CON Corner Fit bait block can eliminate multiple mice. It is also easy to use because there is a viewing window where to check if you need to refill the bait.

The bait station is also weather resistant that it can be used in wet and damp places. It is also reliable that it is a tamper-proof station that makes it safe against pets and children.

Thing We Like and Dislike


  • Corner fit, easy to set up
  • No rodent contact
  • Tamper proof for pet and child safety
  • Can kill most mice and rats
  • With refills and one refillable bait station


  • Not for those looking for bulk buys

  4. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait Pellet

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait pellet

The MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Pack has been a staple name among those who want to get rid of their mouse problem.  It is with 22 pieces of pellets per pail. 

The mouse poison pellets are one of the top choices for baits on the market because it is not just effective but also simple to use. You just leave the bait in the desired area like under a refrigerator to poison mouse and rats.

It is also with food grade enhancers that make it attractive for these pests.  Choosing it, you don’t have to worry about not catching mice at all. This item is just effective in poisoning these pests. Check it out yourself to get rid of your problem fast.

Thing We Like and Dislike


  • 22 pellets
  • Lightweight
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Kills most rats and mice
  • Food grade enhancers


  • Can take a bit of time to kill rats and mice

  5. Tomcat Mouse Killer

Tomcat Mouse Killer

The Tomcat Mouse Killer I is another top choice on the market for mouse bait stations. It is easy to use that you don’t need complicated steps to set it up.     This product can kill up to 12 mice, a great value for the money.

This item can also provide the highest level of station security, so it can give peace of mind even with kids and pets in your home.

Another thing I liked is that it is not just resistant to tampering but also for weather. It can be used in a wet or damp condition.

It is also a reusable station, which can give mice an easy access to the bait while keeping pet paws and human fingers out. As it is also weather resistant, it is also ideal for indoors and outdoors.

Thing We Like and Dislike


  • Kid and pet resistant
  • Includes 16 bait blocks
  • Weather resistant
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • High security level


  • Might not be most attractive for rats according to some users

What is a Mouse Bait?

What is a Mouse Poison

The mouse bait is an innovative product that helps eradicate mouse and rodent problems in homes, buildings and agricultural places.  

Commonly, it is tamper-proof for the safety of kids and pets and is weatherproof for use indoors and outdoors. It is also easy to use and fits most corners. Refer to our reviews for help in selecting your mouse bait.

How does ​Mouse Bait Work?

The mouse bait station is for homeowners and property owners trying to eliminate pest problems. It is easy to use that even non-professional rat exterminators can use and take advantage of for money saving and practical use.

In general, you first need to identify the rodent issue type, infestation level and activity location. When done, set up the bait station and insert the bait.  Put this trap where the rodents are traveling or where you can spot signs of their infestation. It must be flushed against a wall.

When done setting up, the bait will attract mice and rats, and kill them within days. Using these mouse baits, you can get rid of such pests in your property without compromising the safety of your family and pets.

They also work effectively because they are food grade with taste and flavor enhancers, making them attractive for mice and rats. 

Overall, these mouse baits can help you solve the pest issue. Just follow proper instructions for use, and notice how they work to eliminate the rat problem.

Type of Mouse Bait

    Bait Block

It is one of the most common forms of mouse baits. It is efficient and effective in eradicating domestic and agricultural rats depending on the product you ended up buying.

    Bait Pellet

This bait pellet can kill mice and rats, which may consume a lethal dose only in one feeding.

In most cases, they can kill these pests between four and five days after feeding. It is also convenient and easy to use and can be safe provided you set them up in inaccessible places to pets and children.

    Bait Gel

The bait gel is another common pest poison that is dispensed from a tube or bottle. They tend to be of different types depending on the type of target rat.   Most of these are best used with a rattrap. They are also sometimes called attractants.

    Food of man                 

These baits can be with food like grains and seeds, but then mice can eat most food usually those high in sugar and fat, like peanut butter and chocolate.

Why do You Need to Use ​Mouse Bait? 

Why do you need to use Mouse bait

There are many reasons to use mouse bait, and that’s mainly to eradicate the mouse and ray problem in your home and property. To learn more about these benefits, keep reading in the following.


Using mouse bait, you don’t need to hire a professional rat exterminator because you can do it yourself. In this case, you can save money by eliminating the need to get help from a professional.

    Easy to set up and use

The bait station can work immediately. All you need to do is to follow the instructions, as directed by the manufacturer. Generally, you should set it up in places where the mice and rats travel to make them effective.

    Can be safe

It can be safe for children and pets because the best ones are tamper-resistant. They are inaccessible for fingers and paws.

    Food grade and effective

These mouse baits are with food-grade flavor enhancers that make them attractive for mice and rats. In this case, they are effective in luring these pests and eventually poisoning them to die in a few days.

There you have some of the benefits of using mouse baits to eliminate your pest problem without hiring a pest control professional. Along the way, you will discover more benefits of using these mouse bait stations.

Mouse Bait Buyer's Guide 

When shopping around for mouse bait, you need to consider certain things to help you make the right decision later.

At the very least, choosing one can be a personal decision because there are many of these mouse baits available on the market. Check out the following to get started.


One of the main considerations is choosing mouse bait that is tamper proof for pets and kids. The bait station must not be accessible by paws or fingers and should be tamper resistant.

    Easy to set up

You must also find bait that is not hard to set up so that you won’t have a hard time to install the trap and get it started to working.


It depends on how fast you want the bait to work. There are some of them that take four or five days before rats will start dying. Nevertheless, you must compare your options well and find the right mouse bait.


You must also be able to compare the different products based on their prices. In this way, you will save effort and time from browsing too many of them on the market.

There you have what to know when choosing mouse bait to eliminate your rat problem without hiring a rat exterminator. Consider these factors and find the right bait that works.

Frequently Asked Questions


    How to make homemade mouse bait?

There are many mouse baits that you might want to use if you don’t want to buy commercially made bait.  First is to decide on the sweetener, base and glue to use.  

For example, you selected cream, chocolate and baking soda.

Combine the three well in a 1:1:1 ratio and then later make consumable bites. Check that they’re not too sticky and smooth as well as of the right size to be consumed by mice easily.

Once you’ve prepared the poison, you can start laying them out in places where rats and mice travels.  You can also install them in their hideouts so that they can be seen easily.

    How do mouse bait stations work?

They work in a straightforward manner.    First, read and follow the steps, as directed by the manufacturer. 

At the very least, you need to remove the station from the box, and then follow the package instructions to insert the block if you’re using a refillable station. 

Put the bait in a place where mice and rats travel or hide, including in a dark corner or next to a wall. 

However, make sure that the station’s entryway is facing out from the corner or wall. You must then repeat when needed using more stations with15 to 30 feet distance for rats or 12 feet for mice.

Nevertheless, the bait works to lure in rats and kill them with a poison.

    What is the best food for mouse bait?

Some of the best foods for mouse baits include chocolate and peanut butter, among other fatty or sugary foods. Mice also love seeds and soft cheese.

    How to open mouse bait station without key?

You can find and buy replacement keys online if you lost the key to your bait station. In some cases, others use a screwdriver to pry the box open. Nevertheless, you must read and check the label for any direction to open a station without a key.


Hoping you learned something from the reviews of the best mouse baits that you can count on to eradicate the mice problem in your home or property. Refer to the list above for the top picks along with their pros and cons as well as in our buying guide. Buy a mouse bait station today!

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