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Best Masticating Juicer

Creating fresh juices and making them a part of your plant-based and well-balanced diet is crucial in attaining good health. It’s actually good for your health as it lets your body ingest and absorb nutrients present naturally in fruits and veggies. Fortunately, you can now make freshly juiced fruits and veggies loaded with vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals at the comforts of your own home with the help of the best masticating juicer.

Another reason for trying out juicing is that it lets you reduce your intake of calories without causing you to deprive your body of nutrition. It is one of the healthiest eating habits that you can take advantage of. Aside from flooding your body with essential nutrients and micronutrients, it also provides you with a delicious solution for consuming fresh produce.


A masticating juicer (also known as slow juicer or cold press juicer) is actually a popular type of juicing machine. It performs its function through a masticating process. While it’s a bit slower when you compare it to a centrifugal juicing machine, it is still beneficial as it lets you extract a higher quantity of vitamins, fiber, trace minerals, enzymes, and other essential nutrients from the ingredients you use.

It aims to extract the highest value of nutrition from various ingredients without diminishing their excellent flavors. To work, this type of juicing machine actually utilizes augers as a means of chewing, mashing, and grinding the fruits and veggies you put inside it. Such augers aim to squeeze even the last drops of the juice and separate them from the dry pulp.

As mentioned earlier, it works slower than a centrifugal juicer but you have an assurance that it is two times as effective and efficient than the latter because it is really capable of chewing through fruits, soft veggies, and greens without discrimination. You can even read plenty of masticating juicer reviews showcasing how efficient this machine is. You’ll also be glad to know that masticating juicers are designed in such a way that they can produce a higher yield.

What is the Best Masticating Juicer?

Masticating juicer



Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor

Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor

Extracts juice even from the finest items, like leafy veggies and wheatgrass.

Also works in making all-natural nut butters, soymilk, baby foods, almond milk, and other healthy snacks.

Premium Quality

Omega J8006

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

Dual-stage processing system for maximum extraction of juice from various ingredients, including fruits, leafy greens, veggies and wheatgrass.

Comes with a nutrition center for making nut butters, soymilk, and baby foods. Also, it’s useful in mincing garlic and herbs, grinding spices and coffee, and extruding pasta.

Editor's Choice

Aicok Juicer Slow Masticating Juice Extractor

Aicok Juicer Slow Masticating Juice Extractor

Multi-purpose as it can extract juices from a wide range of fruits and veggies, like ginger, apples, celery, carrots, leafy greens, and orange.

Juices from various produce, like fibrous veggies, too.

Omega VERT VSJ843QS Slow Juicer

Omega VERT VSJ843QS Slow Juicer

Strains and squeezes more juice from fruits, leafy greens, veggies, and wheatgrass and breaks down their fiber to produce nutrient-dense and smooth fresh juices.

Ideal for making nut milks, smoothies, and frozen fruit sorbets, too.

Kuvings BPA Free C7000S Slow Juicer

Kuvings BPA-Free C7000S Slow Juicer

Low-speed juicing to extract juice from fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, and other ingredients while preserving a higher level of nutrients.

Multifunctional as it can also create healthy ice creams, frozen fruit sorbets, low-oxidation smoothies, and any other healthy and frozen treats.

Tribest Slowstar Vertical

Tribest Slowstar Vertical Cold Press Juicer and Mincer SW-2000

Slow speed, which extracts juice from various fruits, vegetables, and ingredients without losing their nutrition value.

Higher torque, promoting ease in crushing hard veggies, like carrots, and fibrous veggies.

Champion Juicer G5 PG710

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 Heavy-duty Juicer

Crushes the majority of fruits and vegetables added into the machine and creates a higher amount of yield from produce, like citrus fruits, beets, tomatoes, cucumber, and apples.

Designed to make ice cream, nut butter, and sorbets, and puree softer fruits.

SKG Wide Chute Anti Oxidation

SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Cold Press Juicer

Squeezes and extracts juice from different types of ingredients with the least amount of oxidation, preserving their nutrients and natural flavors.

Accommodates large produce and items with its wide chute.

Top 8 Best Masticating Juicer Reviews

   1. Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor

Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor

Premium Quality

     i. Review

If quality is what you are looking for from a masticating juicer then you’ll never go wrong with Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor. Overall, it’s an ideal choice if you consider the efficiency of its design, its durability, and reliability. It’s designed as a horizontal masticating juicer with a sleek style. It also takes pride in its heavy-duty chrome finish as well as a handle designed to promote ease in transporting it around your kitchen.

Another reason for the popularity of this Omega juicer is that it features BPA-free parts, making it truly safe and non-toxic. The larger and oval-shaped feed chute also accommodates more ingredients. It boasts of its modern and stylish design and its ability to handle a variety of fruits and veggies with ease, including kale, spinach and wheatgrass. It’s also useful in producing nut butters, breadsticks, spaghetti, and frozen desserts and in mincing and chopping red peppers, garlic, ginger, and other seasonings and herbs.

     ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • Low 80 RPM speed

The slow speed and operation is actually advantageous as it guarantees that the machine can yield a higher amount of juice while preserving the quality of its nutrients. Due to the slow speed, it also guarantees minimal oxidation, which is a good thing if you want to create juices that are rich in essential nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. These nutrients will never get damaged by oxidation.

  • Wide feeder chute

Breville JE98XL is also special with the aid of its extra-wide feeder chute, which is around 3 inches in width. With such width, it can assure you of its ability to accommodate even whole pieces and large chunks of ingredients, therefore, there is no need to spend too much time chopping or preparing fruits and veggies.

  • Extra-wide feed chute

The feed chute is around 2 x 1.5 inches, thereby letting you put large items and produce in there. This will lessen the amount of time you need to chop ingredients to small pieces. Fibrous ingredients, like celery, however, may need to be chopped up a bit so their fibrous stalks won’t wrap around the auger.

  • Single auger system

Such system used in this machine works in crushing and forcing ingredients to a chamber. This results in the maximum extraction of juice even if you’re using leafy veggies and wheatgrass. The auger also makes use of the dual-stage system of the juicer - the first involves crushing ingredients, thereby reducing them to a pulp and the second involves compressing the pulp to maximize the juice extraction process.

  • New pulp adjuster with 5 adjustable settings

You can set the adjustment based on the produce you’re juicing. If you’re juicing soft fruits, you can set it at 1 to 2. In case you want to extract juice from veggies and hard fruits then the 3rd and 4th settings are perfect for them. The 5th setting is ideal for leafy veggies, wheatgrass, carrots, and other hard produce.

  • Convenience features

This Omega juicer also takes pride of its plenty of additional features mainly designed to make it more convenient and easier to use. These include the cleaning brush, anti-drip spout, juice container, and automatic pulp ejector.

     iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Completely durable with its solid stainless steel construction.
  • check
    Minimal chopping and preparation required, thanks to its wide feed tube.
  • check
    Solid and lightweight.
  • check
    Produces a higher juice yield.
  • check
    Guarantees a more precise extraction of juice, thanks to its 5 adjustable settings.


  • Prone to blockage when using fibrous veggies and soft produce.
  • Not suitable for those who want a fast juicer.

    2. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006

Editor's Choice

      i. Review

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Slow Speed Masticating Juicer is a juicing machine, which gives you the advantage of extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, and greens, like wheatgrass. Many also consider it as a versatile masticating juicer as it also performs other functions aside from juicing. These include creating nut butters out of soft and hard nuts, extruding pasta, mincing garlic and herbs, grinding spices and coffee, and making baby foods.

One impressive fact about this juicer is that it uses the masticating process, allowing it to work efficiently at a slow speed. With such slow speed, it is capable of protecting and preserving the nutrients and enzymes found naturally in your chosen ingredients through minimizing oxidation and preventing the buildup of heat. The fact that it significantly lessens oxidation also lets it produce fresh juices that can maintain their quality for a max of 72 hours without the risk of degradation.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • Low 80 RPM speed

Just like the Omega NC900HDC, Omega J8006 also operates at a slow speed, specifically around 80 RPM. The low speed is actually a big advantage as it works not only in protecting and preserving healthy enzymes but also in preventing oxidation. In addition, it lets you store the extracted juice for up to 72 hours. It also lowers the risk of frothing, foaming, clogging, and heat buildup.

  • Powerful commercial motor

This juice extractor also makes use of a powerful 150-watt commercial motor. It’s powerful enough that it ensures that the machine can thoroughly chew plant fibers as a means of completely extracting their essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. This powerful motor is also paired up with the dual-stage juicing system of the machine, thereby maximizing its overall efficiency.

  • Dual-stage processing system and nutrition center

Just like what has been mentioned a while ago, this juicing machine makes use of a dual-stage juice processing system. Such system boosts its overall efficiency as it helps it extract the highest amount of juice present from fruits, leafy greens, veggies, wheatgrass, and other ingredients. Combine that with the machine’s nutrition center and you’ll surely enjoy a really flexible and versatile juicer. It’s because you can use the nutrition center for making nut butters, soymilk, coffee and spice grinds, pasta, baby foods, and minced garlic and herbs.

  • Excellent design

Omega also does a pretty good job in designing this machine. It is totally appealing as it comes with a chrome and glossy black exterior. It can, therefore, make your kitchen look classy.

  • Automatic pulp ejection system

The inclusion of the auto-pulp ejection system into this juicer also enhances its functionality. It lets you juice non-stop and without any interruptions. It also helps ensure that you will get a higher yield of juice with dry pulp and minimal foaming.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Features a great and appealing design.
  • check
    Comes with a powerful motor, which still runs silently.
  • check
    Slow speed, which helps preserve the nutrients in the ingredients used.
  • check
    Prevents the buildup of heat and minimizes oxidation.
  • check
    Extracted juice can last for 72 hours.


  • Small chute, causing the need to slice hard produce.
  • Takes up more space than other juicers.

    3. Aicok Juicer Slow Masticating Juice Extractor

Aicok Juicer Slow Masticating Juice Extractor


     i. Review

You will not also be disappointed if you decide to invest in the Aicok Slow Masticating Juice Extractor. It has a lightweight design, which is already one of its nicest features. Since it is lightweight, you will find it easy to use when planning to make a quick juice. It extracts juice at a much slower speed than centrifugal juicers, thereby allowing it to reduce heat and lower the risk of nutrient oxidation. Such guarantees that the vitamins and minerals in the extracted juice will stay safe.

Another reason behind the sudden popularity of this slow masticating juicer is that it is constructed out of materials that are friendly to the environment. For instance, it makes use of a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material for its auger. This ensures that toxins will not get accidentally mixed with the juice you are planning to prepare. It has a lower risk of clogging, too.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • Cold press technology and slow speed

As a cold press juicer, it’s no longer surprising to see this juicing machine from Aicok operating at a slow speed. Such is favorable for you as it lessens the risk of oxidation. It also makes use of a cold press technology, which lets you produce a healthy drink with more essential vitamins and minerals. This minimizes oxidation and heat and lessens the risk of foaming, too.

  • Quiet operation

Another special benefit of this juice extractor is its ability to operate silently. Creating fresh juices out of this machine will only let it operate at 60 decibels. Combine that with its low 80 RPM speed and you’ll surely get the chance to enjoy high-quality juices and a silent operating system. It also comes with a motor equipped with a special decelerating gear, further minimizing noise and vibration.

  • Direction control switch

Another nice feature that’s so remarkable in this juice extractor is the direction control switch, which you can actually use to minimize the risk of clogging. This switch is actually useful in controlling the direction of the juicer in either a reverse or a normal motion. You just have to set it at a reverse direction if you want to remove clogs.

  • Multipurpose

If you wish to invest in a masticating juicer, which is well-rounded then you’ll never go wrong with this product from Aicok. It’s designed to be versatile and multipurpose, allowing it to handle a wide range of fruits and veggies, like ginger, celery, apples, oranges, carrots, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. This guarantees the versatility of the machine.

  • Safe DC motor

Another excellent feature in this juice extractor is its safe DC motor. It operates using this motor, so expect a short delay when running it, thereby securing and protecting the motor. Other safety features included are the overload protection system and the safety lock arm.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Comes with a heavy-duty, durable, and stable body.
  • check
    Promotes easy and silent operation.
  • check
    Extracts a higher juice yield and preserves vital nutrients.
  • check
    Versatile as it can juice various produce, including soft and fibrous veggies.
  • check
    Less prone to clogging.


  • The feed chute is a bit narrow.
  • Longer cleaning time than other juicers.

    4. Omega VERT VSJ843QS Slow Juicer

Omega VERT VSJ843QS Slow Juicer

     i. Review

Another juicer that’s worthwhile to highlight in any reliable and fair masticating juicer review is the Omega VERT VSJ843QS. It’s a newer model compared to the other juice extractors offered by the Omega brand. One remarkable fact about it is that it holds a wide range of improvements and innovations, making it one of the most promising vertical masticating juicers that you can access in the market today.

It has plenty of innovative and unique features that set it apart from other slow juicing machines introduced to the public. Among the impressive features and benefits that cause this slow juicer to stand out are its double-edged auger, auto-cleaning system, and silent operation. It also lets you enjoy flavorful fresh juices filled with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes with the aid of its slow speed. It can also eject extremely parched pulp, proving its capacity to extract the highest juice yield possible.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • 43 RPM speed

This speed is considered to be the slowest among the juicers from the Omega brand. With this, it is indeed possible for the juicing machine to provide its users with really nutritious and fresh juice each time. The slow RPM ensures that it preserves the majority of the nutrients naturally found in the juice during the extraction process. Such speed also guarantees a gentle squeezing action, which ensures that the healthy enzymes in the ingredients stay intact. This also delays oxidation, minimizes the buildup of heat, and increases the shelf-life of the juice.

  • Dual-edge auger

Another special and unique feature that you’ll surely enjoy from this slow masticating juicer is the new dual-edge auger. Such auger promotes a tighter fit tolerance, allowing it to strain a higher amount of juice. It also works in breaking down fiber into a more palatable level. This results in a nutrient-dense and smooth juice.

  • Compact and nice design

What’s good about this juicer is that it is compact and makes use of stainless steel for its construction. It also has smaller mesh holes, thereby minimizing the amount of pulp present in your extracted juice. It comes at just the right amount of size, allowing it to nicely fit beneath the majority of cabinets. This cold press juicer has a nice design, which can be attributed to its red finish with black trim.

  • Lower noise level

In comparison to other juicing machines, this Omega masticating juicer operates at a much lower noise level. It works quietly. In fact, you’ll be able to use it conveniently and peacefully because the only sound it produces is the motor’s soft whir and the crunching of the produce.

  • Automated cleanup

Another nice feature that anyone will surely enjoy from this juicer is the automated cleanup system. It promotes utmost convenience during the cleaning process.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Maximum juice extraction guaranteed, thanks to its extra slow speed.
  • check
    Allows continuous juicing as it features an external pulp ejection.
  • check
    BPA-free construction, making it safe.
  • check
    Dual-edge auger, which helps produce nutrient-dense and smooth juices.
  • check
    Operates quietly.


  • A bit bulkier than other vertical juicers.
  • Prone to clogging.

    5. Kuvings BPA-Free C7000S Slow Juicer

Kuvings BPA Free C7000S Slow Juicer

     i. Review

Another beautifully designed and highly efficient slow juicer is the Kuvings BPA-free C7000S. It is a truly satisfying juice extractor as far as its design is concerned because it comes in a beautiful and glossy silver color. What is good about its glossy exterior is that it is not prone to fading overtime. It also looks great on any kitchen counter. Apart from its great look, this slow juicer does not also skimp in terms of durability and sturdiness.

Furthermore, it has cleaning aids designed to ensure that you will have an easier time cleaning it up after each use. Disassembling its parts is also easy. Another reason to check out this slow juicer is that it is not only designed to make juice. You can also use it in preparing smoothies and ice cream. The slow-speed masticating technology it uses also guarantees minimal oxidation and separation.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • 60 RPM and low-speed masticating technology

One special feature of this slow juicer from Kuvings is its 60 RPM motor, which also takes advantage of a low-speed masticating technology. It allows it to process different kinds of produce and ingredients, whether leafy greens, hard produce, or soft fruits while preventing oxidation and heat buildup. With that, there is a guarantee of it having the capacity to preserve beneficial nutrients.

  • Low-speed gear reduction motor

This juicer also makes use of a low-speed gear reduction motor. This guarantees the ability of the juicer to perform its intended function without producing too much noise. Expect it to operate quietly while minimizing vibrations.

  • 3-inch feed chute

Another remarkable fact about this slow juicer is that unlike the other masticating juicers in the market that are constructed with a narrow feed chute, this one has a wider 3-inch chute. This minimizes the time that you require to prepare raw produce as you do not have to chop them. It can fit whole produce, thereby significantly cutting the time required for preparation.

  • New auger design

This juicer also features a new, unique, and upgraded auger design. Such auger is designed in a way that it can crush and chop produce before it gets to the crushing portion of the strainer and auger. You can’t also see any recesses beneath it, promoting ease in cleaning up as there’s no trapped pulp.

  • Ultem strainer 

You will also find this slow juicer special once you see that it is equipped with an Ultem fine strainer. Note that this material is eight times harder when compared to other materials used in standard strainers. With that, it is possible for it to handle the wear and tear associated to daily juicing. In addition, it comes with smaller holes, thereby helping you produce juices with the least pulp.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Multifunctional, allowing you to use it for more than just juicing – It’s also useful in making smoothies and frozen sorbets.
  • check
    Wide and large feed chute.
  • check
    Low speed, lessening and minimizing oxidation.
  • check
    Comes with a strong yet quiet motor.
  • check
    Creates juices with up to 72-hour shelf-life.


  • Not dishwasher-safe.
  • A bit pricey.

    6. Tribest Slowstar Vertical Cold Press Juicer and Mincer SW-2000

Tribest Slowstar Vertical

     i. Review

Another vertical cold press juicer that continues to earn positive reviews from its users is the Tribest Slowstar SW-2000. It is known for holding one of the lowest rates of RPM in the market as it only runs at a speed of 47 RPM. It’s definitely an excellent choice if you want to invest in a vertical slow juicer capable of producing quality fresh juices with minimal friction, heat, and nutrient degradation.

It has a sleek and elegant design, which can be attributed to its stylish black and red finish. Such design makes it suit modern kitchens well. This juicer makes use of a single auger capable of turning and grinding ingredients as a means of extracting the highest amount of juices from them. It’s designed to be able to accommodate large fruits, including apples and oranges. Also, it handles smaller ingredients, such as berries, and leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, well.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • Slow speed yet powerful motor

One unique and remarkable feature of this vertical slow juicer from Tribest is its slow speed yet powerful motor. It operates at only 47 RPM, which is more than enough to give a lot of attention to the foods and ingredients that you put inside the juicer. It also has a 200-watt motor, which can increase its torque and power by up to 9hp with the aid of its 3-part gear reduction ratio. Such gives you the speed and power you need to reduce heat, minimize oxidation, and lessen foam. It can, therefore, produce, juices of superior quality.

  • Unique double-edged auger design

You’ll also find the double-edged auger of this juicer unique and impressive. Such auger design is actually a big advantage as it improves the capacity of the machine to cut even the toughest ingredients, providing you with the highest yield in the least amount of time. Such can also significantly reduce the pulp collected in the extracted juice. The double-edged or dual-blade feature can efficiently break down even fibrous ingredients, such as celery and kale.

  • Mincing/homogenizing attachment

This vertical slow juicer is also special in the sense that it is equipped with a mincing/homogenizing attachment. This attachment is extremely useful, especially if you plan to produce other recipes aside from juices. You’ll find it useful in producing nut butters, pates, sauces, and sorbets, thereby making the juicer more versatile and multifunctional.

  • Uniquely designed spout cap

Mainly connected to the juice spout, this cap has multiple functions. One is that it can get rid and minimize dripping often encountered in other juicing machines. It also lets you mix different types of juice in the machine simultaneously.

  • BPA-free parts

The BPA-free plastic used in the components of this juicer is also a big advantage as aside from being stronger, it can also resist stains. It’s devoid of the harmful BPA chemical, thereby guaranteeing your safety when using it.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Utilizes a slow RPM, thereby minimizing oxidation.
  • check
    Guarantees a greater amount of juice yield.
  • check
    Allows you to produce sorbets and salsas using its mincing attachment.
  • check
    Sleek, compact, and stylish design.
  • check
    Easy to operate, assemble, and disassemble.


  • Higher price tag.
  • A bit difficult to clean.

    7. Champion Juicer G5-PG710 Heavy-duty Juicer

Champion Juicer G5 PG710

   i. Review

If you are really serious about making juicing a part of your daily routines then the Champion Juicer G5-PG710 Commercial Heavy-duty juicer is surely an ideal choice. It is one of the best masticating juice extractors you can find as it is efficient in crushing the majority of fruits and vegetables you put inside it. It also has the capacity of producing a higher amount of yield from various produce, like cucumber, citrus fruits, beets, tomatoes, and cucumber.

The slow juicing process that this juicer makes use of helps in preventing heat buildup. Note that heat tends to damage the natural nutrients present in fresh produce, causing the reduction in their shelf-life. Such can be prevented with the help of this machine. It is also a versatile juicer as it homogenizes using a blank screen, allowing you to puree soft fruits and make nut butters, ice cream, and sorbets.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • Powerful 650-watt motor

One special feature of this heavy-duty cold press juicer is its 650-watt motor. Such powerful motor works in crushing ingredients in a more powerful manner than the others. The power provided by its motor can also guarantee a better yield. In addition, it lets it handle different kinds of ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, roots, and nuts.

  • Stainless steel blades

The blades in this juicer are constructed out of stainless steel, which is known to be really strong, allowing it to juice hard and tough ingredients. It is also solid and strong enough that it is less prone to getting dull, twisted, tarnished, or separated. While the blades operate at a higher speed than other masticating juicers, around 1,725 RPM, it is still capable of producing less foam.

  • Nylon parts

Some of the parts and components of this juicer are constructed out of nylon, instead of plastic. Such material is more flexible than plastic. This allows you to move the nylon parts around with ease without worrying about them snapping.

  • Larger feeding tube

In comparison to other masticating juicers, this machine comes with a larger feeding tube. It has an opening of around 1.75-inch in diameter. With such feature, it can lessen the time and effort needed for cutting and preparation prior to feeding the ingredients and produce you wish to juice into the juicer.

  • Comes with a homogenizing attachment

Another special benefit of this juicer is its high level of versatility. This can be brought on by the homogenizing attachment added to the machine. All it takes is for you to utilize its blank screen, which is helpful in pureeing soft fruits and creating nut butter, ice cream, and sorbets.

  • Automatic pulp ejection 

You will also be satisfied with the inclusion of the automatic pulp ejection into the juicer. It is because it lets you extract juice in a more continuous manner.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Commercial-grade and heavy-duty construction, letting you use it for commercial purposes.
  • check
    Uses safe and BPA-free materials for its parts.
  • check
    Produces high-quality and long-lasting juices because of lesser oxidation.
  • check
    Juices continuously with its auto-pulp ejection system.
  • check
    Juices faster when compared to other masticating juicers.


  • Heavier than other machines.
  • Not that efficient when extracting juice from leafy greens.

    8. SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Cold Press Juicer

SKG Wide Chute Anti Oxidation

  i. Review

Another highly recommended cold press juice extractor is the SKG Anti-oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer. It can actually be categorized as a vertical masticating juicer featuring a sleek design. It also boasts of its wide feed chute. SKG is actually a new juicer brand but rest assured that it receives high ratings so far while being offered at a reasonable price. It lets you enjoy the nutritional advantages provided by a slow juicer as well as the convenience associated to having a wide feed chute.

The versatility of this juicer is also unquestionable. Expect it to be capable of generating a higher amount of yield from firm produce, like carrots, beets, and apples, leafy greens, and fibrous veggies. It is easy to clean. In addition, it operates by squeezing the added ingredients, fruits and veggies then separating their extracted juice from the pulp. It also retains enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in the extracted juice because of its low rotation speed.

      ii. Special Features and Benefits

  • 3-inch feed chute

This opening is wide and large enough, thereby ensuring that it won’t have a difficult time accommodating even large produce and ingredients. With the width of its feed chute, it can minimize the amount of time required for the clean-up and preparation. You’ll chop ingredients less while promoting less oxidation since larger pieces also mean that they are hard to oxidize.

  • Low speed

This juicer runs at 60 RPM only. This is already a very decent speed, which is still slow enough that it guarantees that there is minimal oxidation. It can, therefore, preserve the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients you use. This results in fresher, more flavorful, and longer-lasting juice.

  • Sleek and high-quality build

Another special benefit of this juicing machine is its sleek and high-quality build. It makes use of stainless steel parts and silicone components. All these materials are also guaranteed to have a Tritan food-grade, anti-oxidative nature. In addition, its auger is constructed out of Ultem, which is stronger when compared to other materials.

  • Strainer base and valve  

You will also be one hundred percent satisfied with the strainer base and the valve integrated into this juicing machine. The strainer base is a big advantage as it provides a sealed space, which is helpful in holding the juice when juicing. Such prevents oxidation. The valve also needs to be shut during the juice extraction process as a means of retaining the original flavor of the ingredients.

  • Overload security system

You will also feel more at ease when you are using this machine because it comes with an overload security system. With this interesting feature designed to offer you security, it is possible to obtain protection against overheating, incorrect assembly, or power surge. The system gives you enough time to let the machine cool down a bit.

      iii. Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Wide feed chute, thereby significantly reducing preparation and chopping time.
  • check
    High-quality, strong, and anti-oxidation materials used.
  • check
    Reduces heat buildup and oxidation, thanks to its low rotating auger.
  • check
    Easy to move because it comes equipped with a handle.
  • check
    Prevents drips with its juice tap.


  • Fibrous greens still need to be chopped to prevent clogs.
  • Higher pulp content than other masticating juicers.

How to Choose the Best Masticating Juicer?

While masticating juicers are excellent performers in the juicing industry as they are capable of yielding a higher amount of juice than other machines, you might get disappointed with their speed. It is primarily because this type of juice extractor is designed in such a way that it works slower than a centrifugal juicer.

Such speed should not scare you, however, because it can produce more volumes of fresh juices while ensuring that you receive the highest nutritional value from them. If you are convinced that a masticating juicer is indeed the right machine for you then remember these key factors during the selection process to increase your chances of striking the perfect deal:

  1. Auger

One key factor that should influence your buying decision when searching for a good masticating juicer is the auger. Note that masticating juicers can have either a single or a double auger. If you are in search of budget-friendly juicers, then a masticating juice extractor with just a single auger is a good choice as it’s inexpensive. However, note that it also tends to malfunction quickly.

The single gear might not also be capable of juicing huge quantities of fruits and veggies. If you want a more efficient choice then choose one with double augers. It comes with two augers or gears that work at the same time when juicing, allowing it to juice all ingredients you throw into the juicer, including soft and hard fruits, leafy veggies, and wheat grass. Furthermore, it can handle heavy loads while using more power when juicing.

  2. Speed and force

You may also want to observe the force and speed of a specific masticating juicer before buying. While it functions at a slow speed, note that it can also produce better results in the sense that it has a higher yield while having more nutrients. If possible, go for a juicer with a speed switching mode or a dual speed. With this, you also have the choice of speeding up the machine a bit, especially when juicing certain fruits.

Ensure that the power is high, too. Look for a juicing machine with a powerful motor capable of developing its torque as such will provide ample power when necessary. It is also advisable to choose a masticating juicer, which comes with the highest output when it comes to torque.

  3. Feed chute

A feeding chute, which is large and wide enough, is essential if you plan to juice a huge batch of fruits and veggies that are large in size. In such case, a small chute will be inconvenient as it means that you’ll need to spend time cutting all produce into tiny pieces just so they will be able to fit into the juice extractor. With a larger and wider feeding chute integrated into the machine, you can avoid that inconvenience.

  4. Ease of use

Masticating juicers vary in terms of how difficult or easy it is to use them. While some models are good to go just by plucking them into the socket, loading the compartment with produce, and pressing just one button, others come with multiple buttons for opening a number of compartments or changing speed. If possible, look for a machine with less complicated operations. That way, you won’t find it too challenging to use.

  5. Required maintenance

The juicer should also be easy to maintain. It should be easy to clean from the insides. You may also look for a machine, which features a reverse motion as you can use it in unclogging the gears and cleaning it up without the need to disassemble or dismantle its parts. Such promotes ease in maintaining and cleaning it up.

  6. Size and form

As much as possible, look for a juicer, which is compact and small as such design also promotes ease in operating it. If it appears in a compact or small design, it would be easier for you to handle the juicer, especially if there are issues, like when something gets stuck inside its gear. The compact size and design will let you easily and quickly dismantle it. You will also have an easier time storing it inside your kitchen cabinet.

Benefits of Masticating Juicer

So what benefits can you really get from a masticating juicer? Is it really better when you compare it to other juice extractors in the market? Learn more about its rewarding benefits and positive effects in this specific section.

   1. Works slowly but surely

While the masticating juicer does not operate as fast as a centrifugal juicer, its slow speed is actually a big advantage. It spins using a low RPM, usually around 40 to 160 only. It spins and crushes ingredients slowly until they get transformed into their liquid form.

This speed is an advantage, especially if you wish to improve the quality of the juice you’re planning to produce. It’s because it works in preserving the phytonutrients and enzymes naturally found in your ingredients. Such nutrients and properties can further improve the healing power and health benefits of the extracted juices.

   2. Reduces oxidation

Masticating juicers are also popular for their ability to reduce oxidation significantly. It’s mainly because of the slow movements of their gears and blade. With that, you have an assurance that oxygen won’t damage the juice right away. Because of the minimal oxidation it causes, it’s possible for you to store the juice for longer while still retaining its nutrients.

Expect the juice to have better texture and taste, too. It is even loaded with essential vitamins and enzymes. The blade, which is incorporated into the juicer, is also capable of breaking open the cell membranes, promoting the release of vital nutrients together with the extracted juice.

   3. Lasting freshness

Investing in a masticating juicer is also favorable for you, especially if you want the juice produced by it to last a bit longer. It promotes lasting freshness, again, because of the gentle and slow juicing process that it takes advantage of. This process lessens the number of torn cell walls, allowing the juice to stay fresh longer. It also takes longer for the juice to oxidize when compared to that produced using a centrifugal juicer. In addition, the produced juice will have less foam.

   4. Compatible with leafy greens

Unlike centrifugal juicers that seem to work terribly when handling leafy greens and veggies, such as spinach and wheat grass, masticating juicer functions otherwise. In fact, it can handle leafy greens and ingredients well. It is capable of pressing all the green juice coming from the leafy veggies in a gentle manner. The juicer can extract juice from root vegetable while letting you enjoy the many rewarding benefits of chlorophyll. It also works in expelling dry pulp in the form of waste so it won’t get mixed with the output.

   5. Produces a chemical-free juice

Another remarkable advantage of the masticating juicer is that it minimizes the pesticides and chemicals present in the juice. In fact, it lets you enjoy a chemical-free juice. If you choose to buy a dual-gear or twin-gear masticating juicer then you will even enjoy its ability to separate heavy metals through the bio-magnetic technology that it uses.

   6. Multifunctional

Masticating juicers are also popular for their multiple functions. In fact, you can find models with up to six to nine functions integrated into them, thereby providing you with a lot of value for the amount you initially spent. With its multifunctional nature, you get the chance to use the machine not only in extracting juice but also for making other recipes, like pasta, baby foods, fruit sorbets, and nut milk.

   7. Almost silent operation

If you want a juicer, which is more convenient to use because of its silent operation, then you will never go wrong by choosing the masticating juice extractor. It operates slowly, which also means that it does not work as loud as other juicers, especially the speedy centrifugal juicer that tends to produce noise when operating because of its high rotating speed.

   8. Create a more nutritious juice

It is because this type of juicer makes use of a grinding or stone-milling approach as a means of squeezing not just the juice but also up to 99% of the precious enzymes and nutrients of the ingredients. The result is a sweeter and thicker juice loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins.

   9. Economical

The masticating juicer is economical in the sense that it yields 20 to 35 percent more juice than what other juicers can produce. It also lets you save time in terms of cleaning as it only comes with a few parts that you can easily clean up.

How to Assemble a Masticating Juicer?

The steps involved in assembling a masticating juicer actually differs a bit based on the specific model and brand you have chosen to buy. Basically, though, it consists of the following steps:

   1. Attach the bowl used for juicing to the primary body of the juicing machine

While this is a bit challenging, note that you can figure it out with the aid of the labels indicated on the juicer’s main body. These labels include the one stating “open”, which often comes with an arrow that points to the right, as well as the one stating “close”, which also has an arrow that points to the left. Such labels and arrows will give you an idea on the specific orientation that you have to use when putting the bowl on the body then securing it in place by turning it either to the left or clockwise.

   2. Slice the strainer used for juicing into the spinning brush

Also called the filter basket, the juicing strainer should be assembled to the spinning brush or scraper wiper. Ensure that you push the strainer far enough to the brush to ensure correct assembly. You should also master lining up the two mentioned parts to guarantee their proper fit.

   3. Place the strainer and spinning brush assembly to the juicing bowl

In most cases, you will find a dot at the topmost edge of the strainer. The bowl will also have another matching dot. You can put the strainer assembly to the bowl in the sense that the two dots match.

   4. Put the auger within the bowl

Turning the auger while pushing it down will let you secure it in place. Fit it in such a way that the tiny piece of metal, which extends from the auger’s topmost part is already at a similar height as the bowl’s topmost edge.

   5. Align the assembly composed of the feeding chute with the juicing bowl

In this case, you’ll have to use the dots in the feeding chute and the bowl as a guide. Both should align well. Turning clockwise the assembly composed of the feeding chute should be the next step. The goal is to align the “lock” label with the same dot found in the bowl. Such alignment gives you an assurance that the chute is secured properly to the bowl.

   6. Put the container of the juice beneath the outlet appropriate for it

The pulp container, on the other hand, should be placed beneath the pulp outlet. This will serve as the last step of the entire assembly process.

Once you have completed the steps, you are ready to use your masticating juicer. Just don’t forget that when you assemble the juicer, you take time consulting the manual and understanding the assembly instructions. Note that masticating juicers may also vary in the way they are assembled based on their brand, model, parts, design and the manufacturer.

How to Clean a Masticating Juicer?

Cleaning a masticating juicer does not have to be a complex process. In fact, you can do it by just following simple steps and gathering a few cleaning essentials. In most cases, you will need a spatula, dish soap, toothbrush or nail brush, soft brush, and a soft cloth for the job. Here are some basic steps in cleaning up your masticating juicer:

  1. Unplug your masticating juicer then completely disassemble its parts.
  2. Remove the pulp container then use a spatula to scrape it. All the other parts and pieces of your juicer should then be rinsed under running water. With the help of a small brush, clean the smaller areas of the juicer’s components, including their nooks and crannies.
  3. The next step is to get the dish soap. Fill your sink with water and pour the soap into it. Let it dissolve.
  4. Soak all the parts and pieces of your juicer into the sink with dish soap and water for a few minutes. Wash them using a soft brush or cloth. Such step is helpful even if the parts of your machine have stains on them.
  5. Avoid letting any particles of the juice dry on the mesh strainer. Note that the mesh strainer or screen can accumulate too much juice pulp and debris, which is a bit hard to remove once it dries up. If possible, look for a juicing machine with an easy to clean mesh.
  6. Use a soft cloth or wet sponge to wipe the juicing machine. You should then let all the parts and pieces of the juicer dry completely. You can achieve this by putting the parts in a towel or drying rack. Once completely dried, you can put back or assemble the parts and pieces again.

Additional Masticating Juicer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean up right after using the juicer – Cleaning it as early as possible will ensure that the remaining pulp and juice will easily be rinsed off even if you’re just using lukewarm water. Never let the pulp or juice dry off as this will only cause them to get too sticky. They will also get glued to the parts of the juicer. This might cause you to have a harder time cleaning them up since you might need to scrub them or use more soap just to get rid of the dried particles.
  • Use baking soda to get rid of colored stains – If your masticating juicer accumulates colored stains then note that you can remove them with the aid of a baking soda solution. You just have to mix around 4 tbsps. of baking soda with 16 ounces of lukewarm water. Let the parts of the juicer soak overnight in this baking soda solution.You should then rinse it off using water and soap. Dry completely with a cloth. Baking soda is known to get rid of any accumulated mineral deposits and colored stains in your juicer. In case of hard water and mineral deposits on some parts of the juicer, a solution composed of one part each of vinegar and water and some lemon juice can help. All you have to do is to soak the affected parts in this solution overnight.


If you are interested in making juicing a vital part of your daily habit and regimen then maybe it is time to start checking out the numerous masticating juicers in the market. Start reading masticating juicer reviews so you will get an idea about the most dependable products in this category. Also, read buying guides designed to guide you all throughout the selection process so you can really find the one that fits your standards and requirements.

In your search for the best masticating juicer, it is necessary to consider your budget. Find out how much you are willing to spend for the machine. Fortunately, with proper research, you will come across many high-quality juicers offered at really reasonable prices. Do not forget to commit some time to learning the ins and outs of juicing, too.

Learn how to juice the right way before you finally buy a juicer. That way, you can maximize the effects of the juicer you have chosen to buy. With a high-quality juicer by your side, it will be easier for you to reap all the rewards and benefits linked to juicing. Just make sure that you also gain a full understanding of the importance of juicing so you can commit to finding the really right masticating juicer suitable for your needs.

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