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Best Commercial Juicer

Everyone loves juice, well almost everyone. But it can be agreed that most people love partaking in this drink. Although tastes and preferences vary when it comes to the flavors, it is true generally that most people love juices. As a matter of fact, this review is focused on showing you the best commercial juicer in the market.

This is why juice machines have come into play so as to help those who would want to produce fruit juices do so. Furthermore, thanks to technological advancements, commercial juicers have come into the picture. The information here will guide you to choose a juicer that will serve your needs effectively.

What is the Best Commercial Juicer?

Commercial juicer



Kuvings CS600

Kuvings CS600

Kuvings is a great juicer for greens and fruit. It easily processes the greens and fruits even without one having to pre-cut them. Pre-cutting often leads to the loss of nutrients, something which is prevented by the use of this great juicer for veggies and fruits.

Editor's Choice

Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro

Tribest GS-P502

Tribest juicer for greens is an awesome tool for coming up with a variety of fruit and vegetable juices as well as other delicious foods. These may include but are not limited to baby foods.


Best Juicer for Carrots

Breville 800JEXL

If you might be looking for the best commercial juicer, then you are definitely in the right place. This juicer is made to perfect the extraction of juices by the user.

Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial Electric Juicer

Hamilton Beach 96700

The Hamilton beach juicer features as the best juicer for Citrus 2019 because of its ideal qualities. It has been designed to be fast and efficient in the extraction of juices.

Nutrifaster N450 Multi Purpose Juicer

Nutrifaster N450

Commercial juice extractor machines make juicing much easier for commercial establishments. This variant, for instance, produces a large number of juices so that you can deliver to the expectation of your customers.

Top 5 Best Commercial Juicer Reviews

   1. Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer, Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel


Juicer type: Vertical Masticating juicer

Speed: 60 RPM

Wattage: 200 Watts

Weight: 20.5 lb

Dimensions: 7.5” W × 10.5” D × 20” H

Warranty: -- years

Our pick

Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer, Commercial Grade

Editor's Choice

The reason why this juicer can boast of appearing on the best commercial juicer list is that it is the first commercial vertical juicer in the world. It offers a wider food chute for inputting the ingredients needed. It comes with an extra top set that allows for the swift and easy change between recipes present.

Moreover, the juicer can operate for a long period thus offering efficiency to the user. It can run for up to 24hours non-stop without over-heating. It has a powerful motor that can work efficiently for up to 24hours.

 This makes it a good choice when you have a restaurant or juice bar. Above all, this slow juicer for greens has a patented low-speed technology for masticating which squeezes ingredients gently thus preserving the nutrients present. This is something that comes quite in handy for a product that is used commercially.

This helps you to keep customers happy while at the same time supporting your busy operations. This is achieved through a modification in the system which cools the juicer when it is running. As a result, the machine cannot overheat easily.

Consequently, you can make delicious sorbets and baby food using this juicer but must know that the smoothie strainer is sold separately. This is an advantage for those who would want to multi-task on food preparations.

Again cleaning of the juicer is also convenient and easy with the modifications made on it. These and many other reasons make this juicer one of the best commercial juicers in the market.

Things we like on this juicer include the sleek design it has, the easy to clean feature, the drip-free smart cap and the built-in quiet design. Besides all those features, the juicer also runs for a long period without overheating thanks to its cooling system. We also liked the fact that it is vertical, unlike other models.

Among the things we dislike about this model is that the smoothie strainer is sold separately instead of coming together with the entire package. Apart from that, everything else is great with the juicer.

Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Has a rotating cleaning brush for easy cleaning.
  • check
    Can operate for up to 24 hours without overheating due to its superb cooling system.
  • check
    Built-in quiet design that assures less noise and vibrations.
  • check
    Low speed masticating technology to preserve food nutrients.
  • check
    Drip-free smart cap.


  • Limited global shipping.
  • Smoothie strainer is sold separately.

    2. Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Commercial Cold Press Juicer, Juice Extractor with Jumbo Twin Gears


Juicer type: Horizontal cold press juicer

Speed: 110 RPM

Wattage: 165 Watts

Weight: 26 lb

Dimensions: 6.8” W × 18.6” D × 12.4” H

Warranty: 15 years for household use and 3 year for commercial use


Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro

This juicer for greens and wheatgrass is an ideal product to purchase for your juicing needs. It features as the best commercial juicer all for the right reasons. It has a twin gear which makes the process of extracting juices quick and convenient.

By the way, it even performs better than most of the other twin gear juicers. It is also quite easy to set up and use making it friendly to most individuals. Part of the material that makes up this juicer is stainless steel which is strong and durable.

It promises a longer shelf life for veggies and fruits after preserving the essential nutrients and living enzymes during extraction. Similarly, it also offers minimal oxidation on fruits and veggies thus offering superior quality juices.

 Moreover, the juices have better taste and high yield too whenever they have been extracted. This is the reason why it is considered the best juicer for veggies and fruits.

A good juicer or just any other machine out there should be easy to assemble and use. However, not many machines are user-friendly. Luckily for you, this particular juicer is quite easy to assemble and use. Once you get to read the manual, then the entire process will be made easier for you to continue.

Again it is simplified for those who are not so much versed with technology. In addition to all that simplicity, the Tribest juicer is further made easier to clean after usage. This is achieved through its brilliant design which includes cleaning brushes and a unique scraper tool. These two equipment help the user to get rid of unwanted debris inside the juicer after the juicing is complete.

Among the things that we loved most about this awesome juicer is its warranty. It has an industry leading 15-year warranty if you are using the machine for household use. In case you are using it for commercial purposes, the warranty goes for 3 years. As long as you do not cause the damage, you are assured of protection in case the machine breaks down.

Well, there is no good without bad. We disliked the screen system of the machine, but everything else is superb.

Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Has twin gears for better efficiency.
  • check
    It is easy to clean thanks to the cleaning brushes and scraper tool.
  • check
    Operates quietly.
  • check
    Preserves living enzymes and nutrients.
  • check
    Has homogenizing accessories.


  • Poor screen system.
  • Limited global shipping.

    3. Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor


Juicer type: Centrifugal juicer

Speed: Two speed control 13,000 RPM and 6,500 RPM

Wattage: 1000 Watts

Weight: 13 lb/ 5.9 kg

Dimensions: 6.5” W × 14.5” D × 15.5” H

Warranty: -- years

Budget pick

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

Before featuring on the best commercial juicer list, a product should meet some requirements first. Accordingly, Breville juicer machine meets the standards and requirements to appear on the best commercial juicer list. It provides commercial performance and even homes kitchen advantage for all juicing needs.

The juicer has two speeds that one can use depending on preference. It also has a beautiful metal design that makes it blend well with the surrounding whether in your house or the juice bar.

As much as fruits are mainly made up of water, which people pay for, the nutritional value is equally important. A juicer that reserves the living enzymes and nutritional content in the veggies and fruits is the best one for use. In fact, you could probably extract even more nutrients with this juicer more than any other in the market. This is courtesy of its juicing system which extracts more nutrients and transfers less heat to preserve enzymes.

Depending on the ingredients that you are using, you can conveniently adjust the speed of the juicer to your preference. Ideally, the low speed is for softly textured ingredients while the high speed is for the harder textured ingredients. It is therefore advisable that you start with the soft textured before going for the hard textured.

There are a lot of things that we like about this juicer. First of all, its design is great and appealing to the eye. It also blends well with the surrounding hence can be placed almost anywhere and still look good.  It also has a unique extraction system that reserves more nutrients and living enzymes in the end product.

This assures a more nutritious juice than most of the other juicers. The 2 speed electronic control is also something to entice you as you can easily change the speed for softly textured ingredients and hard textured ones as well. The fact that it is dishwasher safe is also encouraging for most users.

We, however, disliked the fact that juice sometimes escapes between the plastic juicer cover and the filter bowl surround whenever large quantities of fruits and veggies are fed into the feed chute at a high rate. Especially for those with high water content, the spillage occurs more. This can be controlled by feeding the ingredients a little bit slower.

Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Has a shortened preparation time.
  • check
    Safe to use on a dishwasher.
  • check
    Extra wide feed chute for larger veggies and fruits.
  • check
    Has a cleaning brush for easy cleaning.
  • check
    Easy to set up and assemble.


  • It is a bit noisy.
  • Don't operate juicer more than a minute at a time.

    4. Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial Electric Juicer - Best for Citrus


Juicer type: Electric citrus juicer

Speed: -- RPM

Wattage: 135 Watts

Weight: 19 lb

Dimensions: 10.0” W × 10.1” D × 18.3” H

Warranty: 2 years

This juicer makes it easy for one to extract juice from fruits and veggies. It has three different reamer sizes which include small, medium and large. Each one of them is made of stainless steel for durability purposes. The metal housing of the juicer has also been made well to resist any form of acidity.

The efficiency that this juicer has is just commendable. It allows for maximum extraction of juice from each ingredient at a fast rate and with minimum effort. This is why it is ideal for commercial use in juice bars, restaurants, smoothie bars et al.

The design of the juicer is also made to occupy little space rather than filling the entire area. It also blends well with the surrounding. Still, on the design, it has a low center of gravity which ensures stability. Whether on the counter or just in the kitchen, the juicer will not topple over because of its great stability.

The juicer has been built for heavy-duty performance. This is because of its construction which includes an acid resistant metal finish for the housing, stainless steel container, durable strainer, and reamers. All these items make it ideal for use in harsh conditions which pretty much summarizes commercial use.

Once you purchase this juicer, you will have an easy time putting it together since it is easy to assemble and use. The cleaning process is also easy to give you easy time after you are done juicing.

Among the things we like on this juicer is the silence it has. For any establishment, a peaceful environment is important. An environment that is noisy is disturbing and uncomfortable for customers. This juicer promises a quiet experience when you are making juices for your clients.

 This is because it has a quiet motor which does the juicing without creating a fuss about it, quite literally. Also, the fact that it is easy to clean is a plus for any user. We disliked the size of the juicer since it is a bit smaller than some of the other commercial juicers in the market.

Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    Easy to clean.
  • check
    Quick to assemble.
  • check
    Durable and heavy duty.
  • check
    Takes up minimal space.
  • check
    Quite efficient.


  • Only for Citrus.

    5. Nutrifaster N450 Multi Purpose Juicer


Juicer type: Centrifugal Juicer

Speed: --- RPM

Wattage: 935 Watts

Weight: 64 lb

Dimensions: 12.0” W × 16.0” D × 19.0” H

Warranty: 1 years

Upgrade pick

Nutrifaster N450 Multi Purpose Juicer

The best juicers in the world often have some features that make them stand out. This particular fruit and the veg juicer is a great product for all your juicing needs. From the name, Nutrifaster delivers nutrients fast for fruits and veggies.

 It is one of the best juicers to buy because of its efficiency in service and speed. It completes the process quickly thus saving you time and helping you to serve your customers faster. In the commercial world, speed is of great essence, and that is what this device delivers.

The juicer has also been made the heavy duty to withstand harsh commercial use. It is one of the best variants for commercial use. The juicer can serve you for years without fail because of its powerful motor which can run for long periods.

That is why it has been engineered for high volume juicing. Its body has also been made from high-quality stainless steel which ensures durability.

This easy to clean juicer makes it convenient for you to clear all the residues and debris that have been left behind after the process of juicing is complete. This ensures that bacteria do not grow inside the juicer making it unsafe for human consumption.

When it comes to assembly, the device comes assembled all ready for you. Most people find it a challenge to put machines together even with a manual and this is an advantage.

Among the things that we liked most about this juicer is the fact that it comes fully assembled which clears the trouble of assembly for the user. Also, it has been made for heavy duty use through the addition of strong and durable materials. This is why it can serve the user for a long time without breaking down.

We disliked the fact that it is a bit noisy when compared to other juicers in the market which can be quite a nuisance, especially for commercial establishments.

Things We Like and Don't Like


  • check
    No assembly needed.
  • check
    Easy to clean.
  • check
    It is fast and efficient.
  • check
    Durable and heavy duty.
  • check
    stainless steel juicing parts.


  • Quite noisy.
  • Not ideal for leafy greens.

Who Should Get This? 

Even before buying the best commercial juicer, it is important that you know why you need it. Who should, therefore, get this product? So many people love fruit and vegetable juices, and this is why the best juice extractors important.

Getting the right extractor for your juicing needs will ensure that you can get the right juice. Apparently most blenders in the market make juices that are not so healthy and nutritious. They suck out all the living enzymes and nutrients from the ingredients thus voiding their content.

The best commercial juicer would ensure that your fruits and veggies are extracted without losing their nutritional content. Therefore if you are someone who would love to live healthily, then you probably need the best juicer brand.

It will help you to live a healthy life and even add nutrients to your body. If you have been told to cut down on your weight, again these juicers will help you produce the best fruit juice for weight loss. Thus regulating your weight or simply cutting it down.

In case you have a juice bar or a store selling juices in bulk, then this is a product that you probably need. The best commercial juicer is a convenient product for establishments with huge masses and demand. Th​is will help you produce a huge capacity of fruit juices to satisfy the demand present.

The best part is that the juices wouldn’t lose their nutrition even after the long extraction process has been completed. This is unlike other low priced blenders which lose nutrients and living enzymes during extraction. Therefore if you are looking for the best juicer, then look no further as the ones above are probably the best juicer on the market.

We do hope that by now you know who would need a commercial juicer and if it is you, why not go ahead and give it a try?

What to Look for a Best Commercial Juicer

When you are buying the best commercial juicer for greens, there are a few guidelines that you can use to ensure that you get the very best one. Therefore this is a guide on what to look for when buying a juicer for greens:

   1. Ease of Use

This is often something that people fail to consider but is very important when looking for the best commercial juicer. A good juicer should be easy to use and user-friendly. The variants that have been reviewed here are user-friendly and easy to use.

 The ease of use starts with the assembly process. Do not pick something that will give you a hard time setting up or assembling. Once you buy it, you should be able to easily set it up and use straight away without much hustle.

 Therefore, always choose a juicer that is most easy to use by everybody especially if the use intended is commercial. A commercial juicer is used by staff in your joint, and you don’t want them always on your neck asking how to operate the machine.

   2. Yields for Juice 

Since you are supplying the juice to a large mass of people, it would only be wise to choose a juicer that can produce huge amounts of juice at the shortest time possible. Therefore the best commercial juicer should be able to yield huge amounts of fruit and vegetable juice. This is how you will meet the demand from your customers.

   3. Durability 

Since you will be serving a lot of juice at the same time, you will need a heavy duty and durable juicer for the work to be done efficiently. Unless you have a steady juicer, you will always be spending on buying new machines all the time due to mechanical breakdowns and damage.

 The best commercial juicer should be made from the strongest and most resistant materials possible so that it can last for long and serve you well.

   4. Purpose Juice 

The reason why you would need the juice can be a factor to consider before purchasing a commercial juicer. Different juicers have different types of juices that they produce.

   5. Number of Guests for the Restaurant or Juice Bar 

The type of fruit or veggie juicer you need would vary depending on the number of guests you host. If they are many, then you probably need to get a juicer that can serve them effectively, and vice versa is true.


Wrapping up, we have provided you with the best commercial juicer you can find in the market and we do hope that you are now well versed when it comes to the choice and how you can pick the best to serve you.

For us, we would pick the Kuvings CS600 Commercial Juicer as our best commercial juicer. This is because it meets most customers at their points of need. Moreover, this juicer comes with powerful motor along with low speed technology. It is also perfect for 24 hours juice extraction.

The original low speed chewing technology gently squeezes materials preserving all the useful nutrients. It includes state of art cooling system that enables the juicer to drive without overheating.

Kuvings CS600 Commercial Juicer is built with steady material which assures its durability and strength. Again it is quiet thus not being a nuisance to customers in your restaurant. The price is also quite competitive for the benefits it brings to the table.

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