If there’s one thing better than getting a bird’s eye view of Pensacola, it’s taking in the stunning scenery.

Local resident and entrepreneur Chris Tonn recently captured some of our city’s best features in a fun video that showcases stretches of Pensacola Beach, historic Fort Pickens, and the downtown Pensacola skyline.

The aerial video features the pristine white beaches of Pensacola Beach, including the Portofino Island Resort. (Pelican Drones/Special to The Pulse)

The aerial video features the pristine white beaches of Pensacola Beach, including the Portofino Island Resort. (Pelican Drones/Special to The Pulse)

Set to an upbeat soundtrack, the approximately 2-minute clip was shot with the help of a drone, which Tonn uses for capturing videos and photos for his aerial video production company, Pelican Drones. The main goal, he says, is to let everyone know we live in paradise.

“When people see our videos we want them to feel the same sense of pride and excitement that we experience in our work for the Gulf Coast,” Tonn said.

Tonn says there are two reasons that make living and running a business here so great.

“First, has to be the people,” Tonn explained. “The people of Pensacola are amazingly diverse and collaborative. They have a drive towards continued improvement, appreciate the quality of life the area offers, and share an innovative spirit. The other is of course the sugar white sandy beaches with endless views of glowing emerald waters and outdoor activities.”


The aerial video features the sights of historic Pensacola village, including the oldest church in Florida, Old Christ Church and the Pensacola Bay Brewery and the Pensacola Pedal Trolley. (Pelican Drones/Special to The Pulse)

Aptly titled “Experience Pensacola,” the video encompasses footage collected and compiled over the past year in the bay area. It closes with dusk setting upon the city—a city that Tonn says he’s excited to be a part of for both business and pleasure.

“What better way than to show off our amazing beaches and our city from a new elevated perspective,” Tonn said. “This is for all the Pensacola locals, visitors, and businesses that make this place so great.”

Tonn said at first, his company started out only shooting drone photos and video, but quickly added other production services to enhance their services.

“I’ve lived in Pensacola for just over two years now,” Tonn added. “I moved here from Memphis, Tennessee with the desire to improve my own quality of life. I filed to become the very first commercial FAA licensed drone company on the Gulf Coast and off we went demonstrating the capabilities of our services to the Gulf Coast market.”

“Running a business here is all about reputation and treating people how you wish to be treated,” Tonn said. “We pride ourselves on both, and we love wowing our customers in the process.” 

See more of Pelican Drones’ work.

Check out the video, below:


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