Florida state senator Don Gaetz announced this afternoon that he will not run for Congress. Eight-term congressman Jeff Miller announced last week that he would not seek re-election.

“Over the last few days, Vicky and I have heard from so many friends from across Northwest Florida encouraging me to run for Congress,” Gaetz wrote in an email to supporters. “It’s awfully nice to know that folks from every community in our region think I could be of some value to our state and our country as a Member of Congress.”

“It has never been my goal to be in Washington, DC,” Gaetz said. “It has been my honor to be Northwest Florida’s senator in Tallahassee. And we’ve had a pretty good run. But my home and my heart are in Northwest Florida.”

Gaetz’s son Matt, currently a state representative, has been widely rumored to be interested in running for the congressional seat.

“I’m confident a real, true conservative will become a candidate and will represent our families and communities with success and with honor,” the elder Gaetz said.


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