Welcome to The Pulse.

Our mission is simple: to provide Pensacola and the Gulf Coast with a locally-owned, independent, un-coopted source for news, commentary, and more. The Pulse is your community destination for bold ideas and forward thinking that matters. We’re the rebel in the Gulf Coast media space and we publish big ideas that get people talking. So we say true things that are independent of something and that you can trust. You will find on the pages of online publications not only news but also stories, abstracts from research such as, forums and more.

We want to provide a news product which is better, more professional, and more ethical than anything else on the market. At the core of that mission is adherence to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. We believe that news reporting should be free of editorial content, so we commit to clearly mark editorial content as such. We believe that advertisers shouldn’t be given special or favored treatment, and we commit to clearly mark sponsored content as such. We pledge to promptly acknowledge our mistakes and issue corrections when warranted.

We will strive to support an open and civil public discourse, and accordingly, we commit to a strict “real names only” policy. With the exception of satire — where the use of pseudonyms is a time-honored tradition — we won’t allow content or comments to be published using pseudonyms or false names. We will not censor or remove comments, except in cases of excessive profanity, racism/sexism/etc., personal attacks, or the posting of personal information.

The Pulse is not going to be a gossip site. We go beyond the superficial to tell untold stories and to highlight issues relevant to the lives of real people in our community. And while we won’t shy away from critical reporting, we pledge to spend at least as much time reporting about our community’s successes and triumphs as we do its failures and shortcomings.

We hope you’ll join us as we work to ignite crucial conversations about the issues that matter most to the Gulf Coast.