With two megaships berthed at the Port of Pensacola — the NOR Goliath and the Lewek Connector — The Pulse captured the scene at Plaza de Luna in downtown Pensacola this morning as the sunrise framed the port and the Connector departed Pensacola Bay for the Gulf of Mexico.

The 590-foot, 22,000-ton NOR Goliath, one of the world’s largest offshore construction vessels, docked at the Port of Pensacola this week, briefly joining the 514-foot Lewek Connector, which arrived last week but left port this morning.

The Goliath is set to remain in Pensacola for about two months, during which time 60 crew members will be staying in Pensacola, said Port Director Amy Miller. The ship will undergo demobilization from its previous outing, routine vessel maintenance, and inspections and certifications of various onboard systems. Port tenant Offshore Inland has assigned some 40 personnel to the project, along with another 20 specialty subcontractors. Miller said she anticipated $80,000 to $90,000 in revenue for the Port as a result of the Goliath‘s stay.

The Marshall Islands-flagged ship, valued at around $245 million, was previously owned by the Mexican oil syndicate Oceanografía SA but was seized last year by Norwegian bondholders. The seizure came after Oceanografia was nationalized by the Mexican government amid fraud allegations.

The ship, built in 2009, features a 2,000-ton crane which is used to install offshore platforms, deepwater pipelines, and offshore wind turbines.



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