At its meeting last month, the City of Pensacola’s Architectural Review Board conceptually approved designs for a new 30-foot-tall animated restaurant sign on the historic district’s waterfront. The sign, advertising the Fish House restaurant, would be placed at the edge of the restaurant’s property so as to be visible from Bayfront Parkway.


An aerial view above the Port of Pensacola shows the scale and perspective of the proposed Fish House sign footprint. (Photo Illustration by Drew Buchanan/The Pulse)

While the property is located within the boundaries of the Historic District, its “Site Specific Development” zoning designation exempts it from the district’s regulations, though Architectural Review Board approval of signage is still required.

Several board members expressed concerns about the sign’s animation and brightness. However, the board voted unanimously to conceptually approve the sign’s location and scale at a height of 30 feet. A final vote on the sign’s design and lighting scheme is expected at the board’s September 17 meeting.


A rendering showing the 30 foot scale of the proposed freestanding Fish House sign. (Special to the Pulse)


A rendering showing the scale and perspective of the proposed Fish House sign from William Bartram Memorial Park. (Special to the Pulse)


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